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Boots Electronic Cold Sore Machine Review

Boots Electronic Cold Sore Machine

Cold sores might not be the most glamorous of topics but I'm a sufferer and I might have the product that could change your life if you are one too. I first heard about the Boots Cold Sore Machine from Sali Hughes blog and with such a rave review I made a note to pick up one of these fabulous machines.

I've suffered from cold sores as long as I can remember, an unwelcome ailment inherited from my nan and dad. They occur at any random, and often inappropriate moment and tend to stick around for a good two weeks, rendering lipsticks unwearable, often painful and generally unpleasant to look at.

Last November I talked about Compeed Cold Sore Patches being something of saviour to the process as using creams often left things looking, for want of a better word, gunky. There was also the downside that if you left things to dry they would crack and become sore. I'd recently discovered Boots own version of these cold sore patches which I was getting along quite well with as they were smaller in size and less intrusive. I often found that people would ask 'what's on your lip' about the actual patch rather than noticing a cold sore - maybe more of a diversion tactic than actual 'cover up'.

You may ask why if I was suffering cold sores with such frequency (reasons being anything from immune system crashing after a big night out, time of the month or general stress and lack of sleep) hadn't I tried the Cold Sore Machine earlier.

In the first instance the cost of £35 wasn't something to just pop into Boots and pick up 'on a whim' and secondly there was denial, ie I haven't got a cold sore (now) so I don't need it. After a period of cold sores in quick succession interfering with my lifestyle (not the perfect 'pulling' conditions!) I of course decided I would try anything no matter the cost.

My lax attitude was to be punished. For literally about 6 months I could not find the machine in stock. It was sold out online, every Boots I tried, or passed I'd pop my head in to search for it. I had friends on the look out. This was honestly the holy grail (and I must admit even now I still glance at the shelf to see what availability is like just in case I lose or break mine).

Eventually I was able to purchase the machine and not long I woke up one morning and a cold sore had appeared. They're cheeky these cold sores, sometimes you get the warning tingle but this one just appeared overnight. I went to work with the machine. It's a very non nondescript machine that you hold over the sore, press the button and it flashes for 5 minutes and beeps when you're done. That is it. You repeat the process a second time, so I would do it in the morning and of an evening before bed (it sits in my bedside table for this purpose). 

Does it work? Hell yes it does. It's amazing and I urge anyone who suffers from one to immediately try it. It'll change your life. The cold sores which last 7 - 14 days and go through the varying states mentions remain tiny, there's no weepy, oozing, dryness. It's truly amazing. After three days I'm left with little more than a graze and by Friday it's pretty gone away. There is no need for patches or creams as this machine does it all. So that £35 I mentioned pays for itself - and lasts longer than the other products last.

Having a read through of Sali's post during a recent outbreak I see she uses it more than the advised twice a day and I've been increasing my usage during a recent outbreak. I'm not sure whether it's actually cut it down any more dramatically but I'm happy to keep firing at it!

Apologies for the non cold sore sufferers who might have found today's post dull or unpleasant but I'm sure if you're a sufferer this could be the best news you've heard all day.

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  1. I definitely need one of these in my life! I suffer terribly with them x

    1. I'm the same, and as they're often when I'm stressed and rundown they're far more frequent as I get older. It's worth investing in xx

  2. I'm lucky that I'm not a sufferer, but one of my colleagues is and he says he always feels really ill when he has them - so I'll have to tell him to try this. x

    1. Luckily I'm not ill with them as such they're more a side effect of being ill (if that makes sense!)

  3. So interesting. I get them too, although I haven't had one for a while - touch wood!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I used to suffer terribly from coldsores but not as bad now - strange - however when I get one now its on the side of my face :-( and I think I've passed it on to my son who gets them near his eye which isnt good - so I've always got a stock of Zovirax in the cupboard - ooh which reminds me, wanders off to put a presciption in....

    1. Sounds like I'm 'lucky' to just get them on the old lips! x

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