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Braun Facial Cleansing Brush and Epilator Review

The opportunity to try the Braun Facial Cleansing Brush and Epilator* arrived just at the right time and get ready for a major statement, it quite simply has changed my life and my bank balance. In case I wasn't clear get ready for a rave review and a hairy girl story.

Facial hair is something that I've always had to contend with due to being a dark brunette. Thankfully I escaped over plucking with tweezers in my youth and when the time came I went to salons for eyebrow waxing and sought the services of professionals and it became part of my regular beauty regime. 

As time went on the hair on my upper lip started to become more evident and that two was dealt with by waxing strips and when I was asked 'do you want your chin done as well' during one trip that too went on the list. 

I'd never experienced many problems with waxing. Yes there were the odd occurrences were wax was too hot and left me in some discomfort and I'd often experience blemishes after a waxing trip but on the whole I didn't have any issue with this method. Then threading became the in thing and a few friends recommended it and gave it a try. In comparison to waxing I don't find the process as 'relaxing' as those of you who have had eyebrows threaded will know the process of having to pull your eyes and the like makes it feel like you're doing half the work. It also takes longer to complete rather than the wax on wax off approach so it can cause some flinching but needs must. I find threading to be more precise than waxing, particularly round the upper lip and do not experience any of the previous blemishes or redness that would occur with waxing. 

My threading salon of choice is Shavata at House of Fraser, just round the corner to my office and I'm able to drop in without appointment as needs must. The only issue I had at this point was the cost involved in my regular threading trips. I was paying at least £47 monthly for eyebrows, lip, chin and by this point my neck was also dealt with by the cotton thread. 

As 2015 arrived I had decided to try and be a little thriftier and see where I could save money. I discovered a local salon also did threading I thought I'd give them a try to see if I could cut some costs. Cut costs I did, my usual £47 trip cost just £15 but as those of you who saw my Instagram photo will know I paid in other ways. Both my eyebrows were bruised and my neck (as the photo shows) was covered in red spots/bumps. I think it's safe to say I would not be returning. 

Resigned to spending the £47 a month enter the Braun Facial Cleansing Brush and Epilator* that would change everything. Many people had discussed laser hair removal and epilators and the like to me previously but I'd always dismissed them. Not because I wasn't interested but the large initial outlay for untested results was of concern. In this instance the Braun Epilator is £89.99 so it's not something you would purchase lightly. Whilst I received mine as a PR Sample I will state now if this is lost, breaks or for whatever reason no longer in my possession I will repurchase immediately.

I'll also explain before I continue that I have no yet tried the cleansing brush element as it's secondary to what I want to use it for and I'm not yet convinced of the whole cleansing brush 'thing'. Obviously should I have an update on that later I will let you know but today's posts is about the epilator system.

The box contains the facial epilator, a lid, cleansing brush head, illuminated mirror,  and a small brush for cleaning. Also included is a handy little pouch for you to keep everything contained. The epilator itself is battery operated and compact in it's 5.5 inches length so ideal for travel and it will certainly be travelling with me.

Epilation is often preferred due to it being able to remove the finest and shortest of hairs from the root and of course the motorised function means it's faster that your every day tweezer method. It is also longer lasting which I certainly have noticed. The problem with threading is you walk out with a smooth lip, chin etc etc and then the next day or two a fresh new hair has appeared. The beauty of having an epilator at home is that you can simple give the area a once over whenever you feel the need. I would be lying if I said I hadn't become somewhat obsessed with this handy gadget and have taken to using it almost daily. It's also slightly disappointing to see the lack of hair to tackle due to it's longer lasting results.

The process to use is very simple. The plucking movement can be switched on to go either left or right in rotation and then you simple run over the area. The first time I used this I had more hair to contend with and for me it was slightly satisfying as you'd feel it nip on a hair. If this is your first use and/or you have a lot of hair to deal with then it may cause some discomfort. I don't find it unpleasant, particularly on the neck and chin areas but the upper lip is a little more obvious but no so I'm concerned. Now I'm at a stage where the regrowth is minimal it can be frustrating when you can feel or see one particular hair and fight with the epilator to grab it. I've found the best way is a combination of turning the switch to left and right rotations and simply pressing down gently on the area so that it eventually catches.

As I mentioned I've taken to using the Braun Facial Epilator with some frequency and I've had not obvious discomfort nor markings to my skin, not even any redness. Braun do say you can tackle brows with this device but I just find that too fiddly and don't think the epilator head is small enough nor my skill precise enough to do that.

As I mentioned I was previously paying £47 for my threading trips so when I work out that just two visits would pay for this device, or let's say three as I'm still having my eyebrows dealt with then it means I will have saved hundreds by the end of the year.

I wish I had discovered the Braun Facial Epilator sooner as it would have saved me a fortune in time and money. If you're on the fence for something like this or struggle with facial hair then I'd strongly urge you to give it a try. If you read the reviews many will favour the cleansing brush element of this product and find the epilation painful but honestly it's only akin to threading.

*PR Sample

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  1. Good grief thats a lot to spend a month:-( So you are going to make a great saving - ooh just think what you can spen the money on!!

    1. I know… I hate spending money on what I consider 'necessity' beauty treatments. That's why I stopped having my acrylic nails done too.

  2. Victoria, I am glad you found something that works for you after experiencing bruising with threading. I hope that it has healed. Like you, I love how with the Braun Face you can just do it anytime you feel the hair coming out. It's quite addictive. You don't have to wait to go to the salon.

    1. Something that can be done quickly and from the comfort of home when needed is a definite plus x

  3. thanks for this great tips Victoria. Also I had same problems include blemish , pain , fast hair grow and spend much money. I get rid of from these problems with using epilator.At least hair grows slowly and doesn't take muh time.

  4. This is surely a great tool for facial hair removal. Thanks for sharing the idea of this great tool. This works like a magic on my facial hair. But it hurts. Are there any tips to reduce the pain level of facial hair lifting with the epilator?

  5. Convenience is another main advantage that comes with the use of epilators. The design of epilators makes for easy handling because they are small and lightweight. Good news, there will not be any more awkward waxing trips to the salon or spa. facial epilator

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