Thursday, October 30, 2014

Primark Jewellery Haul

I very rarely shop in Primark anymore for no other reason than I can't bear what always feels like a jumble sale environment. Back in the day my local branch was a haven and I can remember heading to New York many moons ago with a case loaded with coats, jumpers and hats all picked up from there. These days I never know what size I'll be in the clothes as the sizing can be hit and miss and the queues, never is there anything often I want which warrants committing time to it.

Of course the problem is with blogs and YouTube videos is that hauls appear, you spot one or two things you'd like and into the store I go although it's not often the treasures present themselves to me on my trips.

A week or two ago I was heading to an event which just happened to be located nearer Tottenham Court Road Station so I decided to try out that branch and see what was on offer. The jewelled headband caught my eye and I thought it was perfect if not for now but for my holiday I have just booked to Ibiza.

Once again I decided I didn't need to queue for a headband I had no purpose for wearing for over 6 months time and put it back on the shelf and left the store and subsequently spent the following days talking about nothing else and regretting why I didn't part with £5 just in case.

Typically my local branch didn't stock said item but thankfully another blog event was put into the diary and with Tottenham Court Road being the destination I had the perfect opportunity to see if the headband was to me mine - and as you can see it was.

The fact that I would already queuing for something meant I took the opportunity to throw another couple of items into my bag. A black jewelled necklace which is something I've been looking for for some time and some earrings, just because I loved them.

Unfortunately my head must be smaller than average as I need to do some work with the headband to get it to fit without slipping off but as I said I've got some months till I intend to wear it so I can get some practice in!

Are you a Primark fan or like be do you hate the mayhem of it's stores?

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  1. Hmm is that like a Zara? Pretty treasures race

  2. I loathe Primark for the same reasons as you. Also after working in clothes manufacturing I think that the stuff that they sell is just tat. I can't understand the attraction to the place myself.

  3. They're all so pretty! N unique. Where I live (Mauritius), there is no Primark. But there is a mega store called Pridemark (like a duplicate of Primark, if I can call it like that. LOL) They sell clothing items and accessories. But yet to include such beautiful ones. Hopefully, they will in the near future ;) Loved this post! :) xx

  4. I do like Primark but some things are tat! However the winter jumpers & cardigans are great value at £14 each & they do have a high wool content. I have lots of Primark clothes donated to the shop & you'll be surprised how well they last! But the manufacturing process does concern me :( x

    1. Yes I always used to stock up on jumpers in the Winter - and the pjs are fab x

  5. I love Primark jewellery - cheap and pretty! Can't go wrong.
    Alex //

  6. Oooh, that necklace is just gorgeous. Love it.

    1. Fab isn't it and really heavy quality! I wore it at the weekend and received a lot of comments x


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