Monday, May 27, 2013

Victoria Secret Love Spell Shimmer Lotion

I can't deny that my love for Victoria Secret's stemmed initially from sharing my name with their stores. In my early years visiting the USA before Victoria Secret stores could be found on Regent Street and in Westfield it was the No. 1 shopping destination for me so I could stock up on pyjamas and products with my name splashed across them - and of course the fabulous pink striped bags and boxes that my mum still uses to wrap my presents in for birthdays and Christmas, well it saves on gift tags!

Victoria Secret are not just stockists of fun and flirty lingerie and nightwear but also a range of lotions and potions, my favourite being The Love Spell, described as a flirty, floral fragrance with a blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach. I was able to pick up this Shimmer Lotion on my trip last year glad to finally replace the previous release of this lotion purchased many years ago and had been savouring the last few drops of.

I tend to save this shimmering lotion for nights out and special occasions with a little shimmer on the legs is welcomed. In Saturday's glorious sunshine it was nice to have some shimmer coming from legs and not just a glare from how pasty white they were!

This is a fabulous smelling, perfectly moisturing cream with the added extra of the shimmer which will stay put for the evening and finishes off your pins nicely.

Do let me know if you're a fan of or tried any of the Victoria Secrets beauty products.

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  1. We love Victorias Secret Love Spell - it's my daughter's favourite! I wish we could buy it on line in this country. I did think of ordering from the States but was worried about customs duty. I think we need a trip to London! XX

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