Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Review | Celebrity Shopper by Carmen Reid

This week I'm carrying on with the tales of Annie Valentine this time focussing on the downside of fame as a tv star in Celebrity Shopper

The only problem with reading these books is all wanting to go out clothes shopping!!!

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  1. LOL! The cover looks very appealing!

  2. Think I will have to add this one to my list!

    B xxx

  3. I think these would be my type of books. I'll add it to my wish list.

  4. Oh stop it ~ I have not even finished my 'one' book for January yet ;0) Sounds like a nice read x

  5. Fab series of books... I'm just about to embark on Annie in New York!... It does make u want to shop!!! Will be sharing my big yellow store bargain purchases soon...hope to see you soon. Tx

  6. Wish I had time to read :) I reckon I can read a book next year when i go back to work!

  7. Glad to see your enjoying your reading. Sounds a good a series ;)


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