Friday, November 27, 2009

A Very Ally Christmas

I was a big fan of Ally McBeal years ago and decided to start at the beginning and watch my DVD collection once again

I'm pleased to report it is still as good as I remembered!

Ally McBeal is one of those shows that is laugh out loud funny one minute and the next you have a tear rolling down your cheek from a sad or poignant moment - I'd highly recommend it to anyone!

A number of the episodes are centred around Christmas which is apt for this time of year and prompted me to treat myself to this

I'm on Series 4 at the moment and Ally is in a relationship with a character called Larry played by Robert Downey Junior. It was such a shame that he was sacked from the show leaving viewers without a happy ending

I'll leave you with their version of White Christmas

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  1. I never got that show :(
    Have a good day :) x

  2. My sister loved AB but it was never one I got round to seeing. Love RDjr though!
    Lisa x

  3. I loved this show....I wish they would show re-runs....hugs, Linda

  4. Oh, that was absolutely my fave show. Loved Vonda Shepherd's singing, too. Might have to ask Father Christmas for that one...
    Hen x

  5. I used to love this programme! I stopped watching it when Jon Bon Jovi turned up though! Didn't it always seem to be Christmas in that show?! I might have to dig out my DVDs too!

    I quite often have "Ally" moments at work ... imagining punching people who annoy me, that kind of thing!! ha ha :)

  6. I was a huge Ally fan and even have the soundtrack cd which i'm now going to hunt out and put on. Thanks for the reminder, something else for my Christmas list 'hehe'.
    I loved the way it always finished in the bar.
    Beki xxx

  7. I LOVE that show. The music was great in it too. I bought the sound track a while ago. It's great pick me up music.
    Have a great weekend
    Rachael XX

  8. I've never watched it - missed the bus on that one - as with so many good sitcoms/dramas! Still, I think Robert DJr is lush... Hmm... Maybe one day I'll be mooching around and someone will have a box set lying around and that will be

  9. I remember that episode!! I liked the show but I lost interest towards the end.

  10. I love Ally! It is funny and engaging and all the characters are brill, but the thing I love the most is the music! Lots of music! suzie. xxx

  11. i never saw that show,but that video kinda reminds me why i used to have a bit of a crush on robert downey jnr back in the day(is that something i should admit to lol)

  12. Oooh this takes me back!! I used to LOVE that programme so much. So much so that I, along with most other girls in my year, decided I wanted to be a lawyer. Even to the point where I did my work experience at school for a couple of weeks at a solicitors firm where I realised that it is in fact intensely BORING. No dancing in toilets I'm afraid!

  13. I have been laughing so hard watching it I have given myself coughing fits!!!

  14. Oh, I LOVE Ally McBeal - you're right, the combination of sad and happy all in one hit is very addictive. I re-watched it all again last year. Caroline x

  15. Thank you for the Twinkle books, that was a lovely surprise when i came home today - i really remember the 1989 one. And look at you with the fancy sticker and card!!! :)

    Thanks again hunny, have a good weekend xxxxx

  16. I don't remember this show, Victoria! I did get to see "An Education" yesterday which was very good, have you seen it? "The Young Victoria" is coming soon, and that makes me very happy too! Suzie

  17. I used to enjoy Ally McBeal when it was on. Isn't funny though that Calista Flockhart looked so tiny then yet these days all the celebs look that thin. She was size zero before it had a name!!

  18. I miss that show! Thanks for the heads up about the DVD's!


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