Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Bro!

Yesterday was my little brothers birthday so last night I popped round with his presents

He's a very good artist so I decided to buy him some pens, pencils and a new sketch book which he promptly picked up and started using

I also included a copy of Wreck This Journal thinking it would be fun to do whilst on his holiday he leaves for later this week

I've told him to take photos of his work!

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  1. Happy birthday to your brother. Your presents were very thoughtful. :)

  2. I have three older brothers and I love them dearly, they are so much fun. Glad your 'little' bro had a good birthday, Victoria. Xx

  3. Happy birthday to your "little" bro! :)))

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother. He looks really happy with your gifts.

  5. Good looking lad your bro, isn't he? I hope he listens to you and does take photos of his work, would love to see some.

  6. What wonderful gifts for your brothers birthday.
    Hope he had a great day

  7. happy birthday for your brother, oh yes let us see his art!! fliss xx

  8. Happy belated birthday to your brother! Cuteness runns in the family! I just sent you an email too. xoxo LiLi

  9. Lovely presents! I dont know how you always think of such great gifts.
    Your brother reminds me of my younger brother :)


  10. Brilliant presents! Just right for someone artistic. Can't wait to see what he does. Please show us! Suzie. xxx

  11. Happy belated to your bro. I can't wait to see his pages. I had so much fun with mine. Thanks for stopping by my blog :0)
    Sandy xox

  12. Victoria, happy birthday to your brother!

  13. Ah brothers......mine is having a birthday too, watch this space!!!!!

    Love Sarah x

  14. Ah the drawings! remind me to show you the letter!
    Happy birthday Robert!!!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xx

  15. Happy birthday to your bro! Hope he makes good use of his gifts! xxx

  16. a) your brother is not quite little..
    b) he is quite the dish...

  17. Such a great gift for an artist! He'll definitely put those gifts to good use!
    Happy day!

  18. Victoria
    Well my, my, my where have you been hideing that VERY handsome brother?? Wow, he is very good looking! Hum, those looks sure run in your family don't they?? So thanks for the birthday wishes. I literally cried for awhile Sunday, then could cope a teenie bit more, I hate this frickin age!!!! I want to be forty something still!! ENJOY YOUR YOUTH, REALLY ENLOY IT!! Sending hugs,Lori


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