Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travel Essentials | Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

One of the best purchases I've ever made is my Apple World Travel Adaptor Kit. It literally takes the hassle out of travelling, well ok maybe that's a stretch but when it comes to charging my iPhone and other Apple products it's so handy.

If like me your are fully immersed in the Apple bubble with your iPhone, iPad and Macbook and take them on your travels then the World Travel Adapter Kit is for you. Containing a set of seven plugs to fit wherever you may be in the world from Europe to American and even further afield like Australia and Hong Kong never do you need to worry about being unable to charge your phone. I mean god forbid we're unable to Instagram the sunrise on the beach.

You might rightly wonder why you need this in addition to a regular adaptor plug but the beauty of these plugs designed for Apple products is that you plug directly into the power socket of whatever destination you find yourself in using the regular USB port cable linked to your device.

I picked this kit up in the airport when travelling abroad a few years ago and fearful that I would suffer the repeated fate of my US adaptor plug not working properly with my usual charger and it's been well used ever since.

I actually rarely take a separate plug adaptor now as it is often only my Apple products that require charging during my trips which cuts down on luggage - anyone else find normal travel plugs so bulky?

If you're an Apple user and travel a lot I think £25 for this kit is a bargain, even if like me so far you've only used the US and European adaptors.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Birthday Wishes and Champagne Kisses

Last month it was my birthday so it was the perfect time to receive some gifts from I Just Love It*. Of course these were treats I picked out for myself but nonetheless they were well received.

First was the 'Birthday Wishes & Champagne Kisses' Candle* which comes complete with it's own tin and would make an ideal birthday gift for anyone I think. It looks far more expensive than it's £19.99 price tag. A soy wax blend the candles scent is Toasted Marshmallow and whilst it might not necessarily be that time of year I'm really enjoy this candle at the moment. The scent fills the room even when unlit and once it's finished this is one I'll be cleaning out and re-purposing.

Sadly it does appear to be currently out of stock online at the moment but never fear I Just Love It have a large range of alternative candles, for any occasion not just birthdays. I have my eye on the Bellini Candle next.

Long term followers will know that my blogs origins lay in a love of vintage homewares so I could resist the Let's Get Warm & Toast Butter Knife*. I really enjoy and smile to myself when I use this and its definitely a gift that would make someone smile and remember you when they used it. I Just Love It has a great range of various vintage items stamped whether for Father Day or the recently married so do check them out. It's a little something different without being too over sentimental.

If you're not a fan of myself a quick look round the site will show you there is an extensive ranges of gifts for everyone and every occasion whatever your price range. It's definitely somewhere I will turn to in future when I have an event coming up and I want something that I won't fear another guest turning up with.

What item would you pick?

Please note items were gifted for the purposes of this review but no additional payment was made by I Just Love It for the review itself.

*this post contains press samples

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tarantella Tomatoes and a Slimming World Recipe

If you'd asked me a year or two ago about my eating habits I would've told you that I eat most things but fish, pasta and tomatoes were deal breakers. Today I would reply that fish still remains but somewhere along the road I've discovered a love for pasta and for the most part tomatoes.

I'm still not so much as a fan of the basic tomato having to hide them with other foods but I do love things like a good old Spaghetti Bolognaise or Chilli lately. Recently I've started dabbling with Slimming World, and I do mean dabbling. If you've seen my Snapchat you'll know I'm not the healthiest of eaters but there are certain dishes I try to do the Slimming World way, and Spag Bol is one of them.

Slimming World's Spaghetti Bolognaise recipe calls for one tin of chopped tomatoes so enter Tarantella* tomato products; passata, chopped and paste which are all 100% organic. And before you worry about having to hunt them down from some far flung small independent shop, you simply need to seek them out at your local supermarket such as Morrisons or ASDA.

Despite organic tomatoes used in Tarantella products being smaller than their counterparts they actually have been proven to contain 55% more vitamin c. There are many other positive findings to organic tomatoes that increase their health-giving properties even so far as regular consumption of tomatoes can help prevent burning to the skin and signs of ageing caused to by the sun (don't forget your SPF though!)

Whilst I'm still not able to get past the thought of drinking tomato juice, everyone tells me a Bloody Mary is the best hangover cure!

What is your fave way to use chopped tomatoes?

*this post contains press samples

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Superdrug Beauty 3 for 2 Haul

Despite my 'use what I have' mantra for 2016 I couldn't help treating myself during the recent Superdrug 3 for 2 promotion. I'd seen the Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer's doing the rounds and knowing there were easier to get hold of than fighting on the Kylie Cosmetics website I thought I'd stick with the high street.

The shade that had caught my attention was Smokey Topaz and was top of my list and started the buying process. It swatched beautifully as did Rose Quartz and I dithered, did I really want two of the same product. Did I need two new lip glosses or lacquers as they're known? Of course not but both came home and I'm so pleased they did. Why? Because Smokey Topaz did not work for me but Rose Quartz on the other hand is a favourite at the moment.

Smokey Topaz is just too pale and sheer for me and my dalliance with nudes recently has told me that my lips are naturally too pink so I need to ensure I pick the colours more wisely. Rose Quartz though is a subtle but pigmented shade of pink which to use a cliche is 'my lips but better'. As mentioned it's very much like melted lipstick, glossy but not sticky. I've noticed also that I prefer the brush application than a doe foot applicator. The packaging is pleasing, even the jewel in the top of the applicator doesn't look cheap or tacky as one would suspect.

Once I'd decided on my lip lacquers I needed that third product and I decided to pick up Elegant Touch Nails in Constellation. I am really into false nails at the moment finding them perfect for weekend occasions and then wiping them off so I'm able to hold a pen, type or apply eye creams without danger of blinding myself. I found these particularly pretty and if we're going to love the rose gold trend lets pop it on our nails too.

As it happened the outfit I planned to wear these with changed so I went for another option but I'm looking forward to bringing these out for an event soon.

Finally with all purchases you got a nifty little make up bag. I need more make up bags like a hole in the head but it's cute nonetheless and I'm sure my niece will be very happy to use it on my behalf.

What have you been treating yourself to recently?

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