Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Giftset

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Range
I was lucky enough to receive this Soap & Glory Sugar Crush gift set for Christmas and showing some restraint tucked it away ready to use in the Summer.  Once I'd booked my holiday to Ibiza (which I'm currently on) I thought it would be the perfectly sized set of products to take away with me for the week.

Firstly this set was fairly priced at £10 although available on the 3 for 2 offers Boots runs on gift sets at that time of year. I also think it ended up in the sale for £5 if you were lucky enough to get your hands on it.

I've long been a fan of Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory and for one reason or another the time for repurchasing had never hit around Summer when I could justify purchasing (although stay tuned for another Soap & Glory post next week). This set was the perfect way to try all the products from the range.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub is the perfect scent for Summer with it's burst of lime that is evident in all the products. The Sugar Crush scrub is exactly the same formula as Breakfast Scrub, thick and coarse enough to exfoliate without being too harsh. I enjoy taking a scrub on holiday with me to use every couple of days to aid tan maintenance. I remember years ago thinking I couldn't use a scrub whilst tanned for fear of it disappearing. Now I realise it actually aids the tan.

I'm really enjoying the Sugar Crush Body Wash which is more of a cream in my opinion. If my bathroom wasn't drowning in shower gels this would be one I'd certainly purchase full size. I do feel I'm going through it quite quickly so I'll have to report back on how long this bottle lasts.

The final product I've brought along to Ibiza with me is the Sugar Crush Body Butter. I took the similarly sized Righteous Butter to Dubai with me last month and found it fabulous as both a body lotion and due to it's thickness it would double up as a foot cream.

The shower scrunchie and hand cream are waiting for me when I return home although I can't wait to pop the hand cream in my bag for the Summer commute.

Are you a Sugar Crush fan?

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Sun Protection

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Range*
Already a big fan of La Roche-Posay it stood to reason their Anthelios sun protection range would be a good one. Specialising in 'ultra-high sun care protection' the range protects against UVA and UVB rays and even better are formulated for different skin types. 

I remember during my younger carefree years just slapping whatever product I was using over my face. Now with such an extensive skincare regime I don't wish to sacrifice that when using SPF's so the Anthelios range from La Roche-Posay steps in perfectly. 

I had a variety of products from the range which I recently took on holiday to Dubai with me and was able to share out between us all. The comfort range for dry skin or ultra-light for normal - combination and if you're in the oily camp there's dry-touch. There are even tinted BB Creams which allow for a light coverage if you're wanting to look good for your selfies as well as offering anti-ageing benefits. 

One of my favourite products from the range is the Anthelios XL Nutritive Oil*. I'm sure we all have memories of runny oils that make us look like a trussed up joint of meat by the end of application. La Roche-Posay have of course created something different. A thicker oil than most that absorbs into the skin without leaving you greasy. This is perfect for arms and legs to add a subtle shine but without looking like you're about to be fried. This can be used on the face too although I'm reserving for body only and it's currently in my stash whilst holidaying in Ibiza. 

Of course sun protection is not just about finding the right formula and products to fit in with our skincare regime, there's a seriousness at work. I admit in the past that I've not even considered applying sun protection when we're blessed with one of those rare sunny days in the UK and how many of us have enjoyed long Sunday afternoons in the beer garden to return home with bright red burnt noses and shoulders. Ridiculous, unnecessary and harmful.

La Roche-Posay want to encourage us all to take better care of our skin and that of our friends and family. Skin cancer is the only type of cancer visible to the naked eye and, if diagnosed early enough 90% of melanoma cases can be treated effectively. As such they have designed the #skinchecker video which whilst sharing an important message is very cute to watch.

Have you tried La Roche-Posay's Anthelios range?

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Friday, June 19, 2015

My Nail Kit

Whilst I had a visit from Heaven & Gel last night so my nails would withstand my trip to Ibiza as a general rule I am relying on my own skills as a manicurist. Today I thought I'd talk through 'my nail kit' and the products I reach for at home.

Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover
The first and most obvious step is of course nail polish remover. I'm fairly fickle about my nail polish remover choices and the Formula X Delete was picked up in Las Vegas last year when I needed to tend to chipped nails - not the most exciting of Sephora purchases. I can't deny that I was drawn to the pump bottle and will certainly be refilling this when the time comes. The lock system works surprisingly well and I managed to transport it to Dubai without any spillages last month.

Next I would step in with my Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File which I have spoke enough about for you to get the picture. I love it, wouldn't use anything else and it is always by my side.

Emjoi MICRO Nail Electric Nail Polisher*
My latest nail gadget is the Emjoi Micro Nail Electric Polisher. Firstly this will not magically polish your nails with colour (when will this be invented though I ask myself?) but specifically the condition of your nails. I'm not a lover of nail care and painting my nails always feels like such a commitment of time. Buffing and polishing nails seems such a faff especially when I'm only going to cover them with a bright polish. That said we all know that nails have ridges and none more so than mine so they do benefit from a buff and polish. The mjoi Micro Nail Electric Polisher does this in a matter of seconds. Literally, it says to do it no more than that or you will damage your nails.

Of course using such a gadget might be reminiscent of those nail salons with the drills but this is a very different beast and you are in control a. Smooth rollers rotate and ridges are smoothed instantly and the Shine Rollers polish up a treat it's almost a shame to add colour.

If you're after saving time during your manicure process you can find the electric nail polisher with £10 off at Boots right now.

Cuticle Nippers and Nails Inc Vitamin E Cuticle Oil Pen
I hate my cuticles, if only my nails grew as fast as they seem to. The plus side is I have something of a love affair with my cuticle nippers. There's nothing more satisfy than nipping away at them and leaving a clean base for my nail polish. To treat them I swipe some of Nails Inc's Cuticle Oil Pen which is handy compared to the typical bottles you see. It's obviously nourishing them too well at the rate they seem to grow.

MICRO CELL Nail Repair*
I have be raving about Micro Cell to anyone who will listen for sometime. One of Germany's top selling nail brands it's new to the UK market and so far seems to be under the radar. I came across it at a press event and listened intently to the press spiel thinking how amazing can it be. Well the answer is pretty amazing.

Micro Cell has been developed for those of us with soft and brittle nails. Designed to recover protein molecules on the outer layer of the nails it helps strengthen and protect your nails. I used to suffer from splitting of my nails which has been non existent since applying Micro Cell.

As with most products of it's type Micro Cell should be applied and removed and reapplied daily to set the process in action. You are able to paint colour on top but should still follow the daily removal process. I admit I'm not always as good at doing this but it's more frequent than it ever has been and still seems to be working well for me.

eyeCANDY Top Coat*
I never truly got the Seche Vite hype, nor found it was any better for adding longevity to my nail colour. I put this down to me but since using the eyeCANDY Top Coat I can say it wasn't and I was just using the wrong product for my nails. Another brand that is little heard but easily found in your local supermarket this is an amazing product. It does everything that Seche Vite will do and more. My full review of the eyeCANDY Top Coat is here.

Leighton Denny Miracle Mist*
Finally with have another one of the products where I ask does it actually work or do I just think it does? Having just mentioned amazing fast drying top coats and often using nail polishes with similar claims does the Leighton Denny Miracle Mist do the trick? Honestly I can't say definitively but I do know that I am using it as part of my routine and as far as my amateur eye can see, or touch it appears to.

What tools do you keep in your nail kits?

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Talking Teeth

*This post contains sponsored content*

Early followers of my blog will remember that I wore ceramic braces for about 18 months. You can see my pictures before and during and the all important after braces smile by clicking through the links.

Being a brace wearer was how I first discovered DenTek. Their slim brushes* were invaluable for me to ensure there were no nasty leftovers after mealtimes and I still keep a stash in my desk drawer at work for when the need strikes.

Currently favourites are the Mint Flossers* from DenTek. There is nothing worse that having something stuck in your teeth that you cannot get to and I don't know about anyone else but I find that I waste more dental floss wrapping it round my fingers to reach into my mouth! Again there's a few of these stashed in various places and with barbecue season and a lot of grilled corn and ribs doing the rounds they're a must have.

I would be lying to you if I said that I was only interested in the health of my teeth, I also want that toothy smile of mine to look good too. As I alluded to in my post about having my braces removed I found my retainer very painful to wear at night. I must admit that my experience of having braces whilst physically pleasant under the circumstances the service from my local dentist was not the best.

Of course I'm big enough and old enough to shoulder the blame at this but I do attribute my not returning to the dentist to discuss my issues due to their faults.  Casting blame aside in short I stopped wearing my retainers very early on. It's very easy to forget the months gone into rearranging my teeth and the cost and when you look in the mirror and see a perfect set of gnashers then wearing the retainer seems unnecessary.

How wrong I was! In short my teeth have moved and whilst the top row (the main area of realignment at the time) are still 'ok-ish' the bottom are now crooked - and they were not the problem to start with. Of course bottom teeth are generally hidden when you smile etc but in the current world where selfies rule I'm starting to return to the state I was once in and notice them more and more in photos.

My friend has also just have her braces removed and I'm having teeth envy. Enter Sensu and the range, Invisalign Lite.  Invisalign Lite is designed for those with minor orthodontic issues and the like which caught my attention was 'can also be an effective solution for patients who have already had treatment in the past and started to experience relapse' - well if that doesn't sound like me.

Typical the Invisalign Lite treatment can be shorter at between 5 - 8 months which is half of the time it took me previously and fingers crossed I haven't left it too late to have this quick fix. Any yes this time I would wear any retainers provided.

Have you had an experiences with braces in the past and how do you take care of your teeth?

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