Thursday, February 11, 2016

Zoeva Spectrum Eyeshadow & Blush Palette Review

My Valentine's Day will be spent in the literal sense of 'Netflix and Chill' but do not feel sorry for me because I have a new 'BAE' in the form of these two gorgeous palettes from the Zoeva Spectrum Collection.

Zoeva's Spectrum Collection consists of three eyeshadow and three blush palettes which 'worship colour in all of Mother Nature's splendour'. Simply put the eyeshadow palettes are available in Warm, Cool and Nude tones and the blush palettes in Nude, Pink or Coral shades and I was lucky enough to be sent the Warm Spectrum Eyeshadow* and Pink Spectrum Blush* palettes.

The Warm Spectrum Palette is truly fantastic and its definitely a current favourite I've been using a lot. Following the naturist theme it is inspired by 'ash browns and rock grey shades from the depth of the earth' and  'lava-like flood of hot terra based hues and dark mauve tint' all to give you 'hot and daring looks'.

You get 15 shades in your palettes which are a mix of shimmers, satins and mattes and what I like most is I don't feel like it's your regular 'boring' nude palette. Don't get me wrong I love those too but when I receive a palette of this type I always ask the question 'could I take this on holiday with me'? By that I mean would I feel like I had enough choice during a weeks break to mix up my make up look and in this instance is the answer is yes.

Shades WR120 and WR150 tick the simply look in their shades of creamy coffee but if you want to amp things up for the evening the purple shades are amazing. I love WE040 an orangey brown in my crease and WR050 and WR070 are too lovely colours in mixes of shimmery rose pink and coral flecked with gold which I imagine will be amazing in the sunlight or with a tan when holiday season arrives.

Being slightly critical as my role of 'beauty blogger' you can argue the four light shades could've made way to another two 'colours' but nonetheless I've enjoyed using WR100, a creamy nude with apricot undertones as a simple base WR110 is a nice highlighting colour.

You'll get minimal fall out from these shadows and whilst not the softest in the pan they'll blend nicely on the eyes. As always I wear with primers to ensure longevity but I've been impressed when worn without that they took longer to crease than most and almost survived the day. If you're blessed without 'oily eyelids' I think you'll love Zoeva eyeshadows.

On another note if you've been lusting after the Lorac Pro Palette and are unable to get your hands on it, might I suggest this is a good alternative. It's certainly not a dupe but it's colourings can achieve some of the same looks and I think it'll stop the longing.

Blusher is a product I really like and I find, like lipstick its an easy way to change your make up look when not especially skilled in the make up department. For that reason I often travel with at least two or three blushers so you would think blush palettes would be something I had or used more often, but that is not the case. Often I find that the colours are either too similar for a 'choice' or there are at least one that I wouldn't even use. That is not the case with the Zoeva Pink Spectrum Blush Palette, surprisingly because as the name suggests it contains four different shades of pink. Carrying the 'would I take this on holiday' train of thought, yes I would.

Another benchmark for blush 'rating' is does it compare to my favourite blush, Mac Peaches and Cream. Once again the answer is yes. For £15, a great price point your four shades of pink range from a deep and bright pink to the gorgeous PK010 which is an apricot pink with a slight shimmer. I've been dipping into this palette all week and find all shades wearable, easy to blend and there is not one I don't like.

Both palettes are packaged in slim cardboard packaging which is studier than you might expect and would make storage and travelling easy to do.

This is my first foray into Zoeva make up and so far I'm impressed. Have you any more recommendations from the brand for me?

*this post contains press samples

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

US Drugstore Lip Haul and Reviews

To try and manage my excitement when shopping for make up in the US I like to make sure I only purchase products that I cannot get my hands on in the UK. Yes there's eBay, Amazon and other online retailers but I prefer to pick up products, swatch if I can or at least look at them with my own eyes.

Despite that sweeping statement I seem to have ignored that advice and picked up a number of NYX products despite them being found in Boots, Selfridges and if rumours are true, their own stand alone stores. But what can you do when a shade or formula catches your eye.

Those I picked up were the NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair, NYX Soft Matte Cream in San Paulo and Butter Lipstick in Fruit Punch, the latter clearly with my eye on the Summer.

Also to catch my eye and carrying on with what appears to a be a common colour theme were two products from Wet n Wild. First the Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Rasp-berry Voice and High Shine Lip Stain in Runaway Red.

The strangest thing about a number of these purchases are I'm usual not a fan of gloss nor nude lip colours. Towards the end of last year I was favouring pinky nudes as much as my reds and clearly I was keen to explore more.

A stand out product was Rimmel's liner in East End Snob and that under or with most of these lip products has made them all favourites and reaching for on various rotations.

The stand out favourite is NYX Matte Cream in San Paulo. A creamy matte that does not dry the lips. Perfect for the transitional time of year and the middle ground between my love of reds and nudes.

My favourite from the Wet n Wild pairing is the Mega Slick Lip Gloss, not too sticky and with a subtle colour that makes a gorgeous look over the aforementioned East End Snob liner. It's a look I'm loving and allowing me to experiment more with darker eye make up.

The lip stain is not sticky at all, a slight tackiness but I do find it pools around the edges of lips and I need to be a bit more mindful when applying and wearing.

Fruit Punch is yet to be worn but I already know I love Butter Lipsticks with one of their reds being my most worn in 2015. Unfortunately the Butter Gloss in Eclair may be a little too pale for me but I need to play around a little more before I write it off completely.

What have been your favourite lip products lately?

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Disney Holiday Day 2 | Universal Studios

We decided to visit Universal Studios for our first day and first park visit as it felt lower key than the Disney Parks. Unfortunately when we arrived the rain was pouring. By the time we'd made the long walk into the Park we were already rather wet.

After battling the rain to Starbucks inside the park and warming up with a coffee the rain was starting to ease off and me, Rob and Brody decided to experience our first roller coaster of the holiday, The Mummy. This is one of my favourite rides so I was excited and looked forward to seeing how Brody would enjoy it. Thankfully it got the thumbs up although despite the attention to deal whilst you work your way round the queue he did get a little bored.

After the obligatory photos at Jaws and taking a moments silence that the Jaws ride is no longer there we made our way over to Springfield. This was an area of the park new since my last visit and one that despite not actually being a viewer of The Simpsons was really looking forward to and I was dressed accordingly in my Krusty the Clown sweatshirt.

With rumbling stomachs it was call for a Krusty Burger. Sadly this was a little disappointing. Served canteen style you see them pull a grey looking burger out of a dish which rather spoils the magic. That aside it was pleasant enough and filled a hole and went rather nicely with my Duff beer. I had to keep these opinions to myself as we left and bumped into Krusty himself. And may I add he loved my sweatshirt!

Moving on it was time to visit Diagon Alley of Harry Potter fan. Again this area is new since my last visit and fun to walk around. I loved the Gringotts Ride although worryingly my niece said the scariest thing about it was Harry Potter! Seeing Kings Cross and red telephone boxes as we walked around was very strange I must say.

My brother and nephew decided to move onto the Transformers ride whilst I took advantage of a nearby smoking area. Next thing we heard the sound of Dora and her parade and Violet dragged my sister in law over. The parade was great fun and seeing Violets face as she met Dora, Diego and friends was touching.

As we made our way round the park we bumped into a few more characters for those special moments, watching Brody and Violet running up for cuddles really is priceless but one of the best was with Bumblebee. As we stood in the queue we waited to hear which song he would pick to communicate with us. It was the Beatles 'Hello Goodbye', appropriate for us Brits don't you think.

Have you been to the Universal Parks?

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Skincare | Rossi Rice Brand & Borage Seed Oil Cleansing Oil Review

I have had limited use of Cleansing Oils and almost been fearful of them. As such I'd had this cleansing oil from Rossi, a brand I wasn't particularly familiar with sitting on my bathroom shelf for sometime. Rather than dive in I'd reach for my usual products until I decided it was time to man up and start the testing process. Why did I wait so long as the question I now ask myself.

Rossi Uvema is a brand which creates products using 100% of the purest natural ingredients in all of their products. They also like to focus on what they call nature's 'unsung heroes', in this case Rice Bran and Borage Seed Oil.

The cleansing oil from Rossi is a natural cleanser blended with the aforementioned ingredients as well as Jojoba and Avocado Seed botanicals. These are pure, high quality cold pressed oils for even the most sensitive of skins to cleanse and moisturiser your skin. And have no fear about essential oils, there are none of those to be found here.

Back to the Rice Bran and Borage Seed Oils. Rice Bran Oil is used to improve your skins elasticity, soothe any irritations and even skin tone. And Borage Seed Oil is a herb with Roman origins. Borage was often used in medicinal teas and today used for the oil which is one of the richest known sources of GLA, an essential fatty acid.

As already alluded my experience of using the Rossi Cleansing Oil was positive. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and has my favourite feature, I can see how much I am using. It has a spray nozzle, unusual in my experiences which provides a thin application which does come out somewhat aggressively so you will need to apply to hands. It's a thick oil so does not run like other oils I've used, even the thicker ones and I think that's in part due to how much is dispensed at a time from the spray nozzle.

My usual skincare regime is to remove my make up, particularly eye make up before going in with the cleanser. The first time I tried Rossi's Cleansing Oil I was out of cotton wool so I decided to see how well it would work at removing my make up entirely. Well it showed me. After washing my face I picked up a white towel and not one speck of make up was left on my skin. Amazing results.

The cleansing oil has a nice slip without being greasy and my skin felt clean, fresh and was glowing on removal. With skin that's lent itself to the drier side over Winter and especially post flight this product has been amazing to use.

And like me if you love that almond, marzipan scent, you'll love using this.

*this post contains press samples

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