Thursday, September 3, 2015

Feel Rejunvenated with Radox

Whilst we haven't always had the sunshine that Summer promises we've certainly had some hot and humid conditions to contend with recently. Living in a ground floor flat I'm unable to keep windows open overnight so it's inevitable that come morning I wake up a little hot and sticky and welcoming diving into the shower.

Joining me for my morning shower is 'Feel Rejunvenated'* from the new Radox Cream range just the thing to help make me feel energised for the day ahead. Orange Oil and Vitamin make for a delicious combination that I've been pairing with Soap & Glory's Limited Edition Orangasm body polish.

I'm used to using a gel rather than a cream but I really enjoyed a little morning luxury from a cream. The Radox Cream range offers something for everyone whether you want to 'Feel Romantic' with orchid and blueberry, 'Feel Pampered' after a long day with Shea Butter & Ginger or 'Feel Calm' with Jojoba Oil and Camomile - what a line up and for less than £1 in more stores.

Have you tried a shower cream before?

*The post contains press samples

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Klorane Laboratories The Power of Plants

On appearance Klorane looks like one of those brands you'll find on the shelves of a fancy pharmacy overseas and this is no surprise due to it's French origins. Founded in 1966 by a pharmacist with a passion for botany who began creating a range of shampoos containing plant active ingredients, hence the Klorane tagline 'The Power of Plants'. The Klorane passion for plants and nature is clear moments you step into their website and there is all many of information about the plant actives they use and how they are effective. They even plot out the path from plant to beauty - it's an interesting read. 

I was sent a couple of products from their range to try first up a shampoo and condition from the Dry Hair Mango range*. Specifically for those with very dry or damaged hair the addition of mango butter ensures that your hair will be nourished and begin to repair. Free from silicons and parabens the delicious smelling shampoo will smooth hair cuticles protect hair from dehydration. Paired with the conditioner from the same range and you have a wonderful combination to leave hair soft and shiny.

My hair is more greasy than dry but I've found that this duo worked wonders on my hair and it's been a pairing I've reached frequently with pleasing results.

The product I was more skeptical of was the Nettle Sebo-Regulating Shampoo*. I love my Batiste and Collab dry shampoos so would this significantly pricier option be worth the money. Seboregulating properties absorb excess sebum in your hair so that it will appear clean and fresh and allow you to skip daily washing. I make no secret that I wash my hair daily. I find it'd take me longer to restyle with dry shampoos and the like that washing and drying does but at the weekends I can allow things to slide a little. That is when I would test out the Dry Shampoo from Klorane and was actually pretty pleased. I still would be too lazy often to style if heading out for something fancy but to make myself look presentable and not feel dirty this worked really well. I was even more impressed as I fully expected to have criticisms around the white powder on my dark hair but no, even that didn't pose a problem. 

Klorane products can be found at Feel Unique and Essentual and whilst I'm less likely to repurchase than I would if they were available on the high street I'd certainly seek them out when placing an online order.

Are you a plant fan and does the Klorane range interest you?

*This post contains press samples

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Morning Time Saving Tips

I'm not a morning person. And I don't mean the type who needs four cups of coffee before their brain is functioning. I mean the type that just does not want to get out of bed and loves the snooze button. For that reason I need to have a pretty quick morning regime to ensure I'm out the door and on the train before work sends out a search party. Today I thought I'd share some of the tips I have when I'm rushing out the door and I'm short on time.

Body lotion is probably the first step I'd skip if I was short of time but with the current introduction of spray moisturisers I don't have to. Vaseline have recently reformulated their Spray Moisturiser and I've been using them as part of my morning routine - even when I have time to spare. It'll be no surprise that Cocoa Radiant* is my favourite, the scent is delicious. Aloe Soothe* is perfect for applying if you've hastily shaved your legs (and works amazingly if you're really short for time and need to 'dry' shave) and Essential Healing* is a good old rounder so whatever your preference there is certainly something for everyone in the Vaseline Spray Moisturiser range. I'm sure it doesn't need saying but you simple spray, rub and go. It absorbs quickly enough to put on clothes seconds afterward and doesn't leave any greasy residue. Even as I'm writing this post I'm spraying them on arms and legs to familarise myself and am still able to type without fingers sliding off the keyboard. My only criticism is that my enthusiastic spraying does seem to use them up quite quickly.

Many of you I'm sure are lucky enough to goes days without washing your hair, I'm not so lucky and will where possible always wash my hair through traditional methods during the week. At weekends if I'm simply pottering about at home or running errands I do try and give hair a break and reach for the dry shampoo instead. Battling against my usual Batiste and Collab is TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo*. I really love the smell of this dry shampoo and that's surprising as it's not something I usually notice or factor in when purchasing or reviewing even but this has a fruity scent I enjoy. I was ready to be extremely critical and see powder in my hair but there was none to be found. I'm definitely happy having this in my line up.

If the reason for your late start is lack of sleep them may I suggest Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Pencil in Nude*. This is one of my holy grail products and I gave a little jump for joy when I received this as I've managed to lose mine and hadn't managed to replace yet. White eyeliners are too stark for me but this nude liner manages to give the appearance of eight hours sleep even when I've had much less. Add some mascara and you're good to go.

I'm a fan of putting my make up on whilst travelling into work by train. Frowned on by some but for me it's essential for those precious extra minutes in bed. Whilst I'm not against getting out a big blusher brush on the train cream blush is much less likely to get glares from your fellow commuters. The Nars Multiples* are perfect for this job and I much prefer the shade Orgasm in cream form than it's powder original. It has enough of a shimmer to save time on highlighters and leave skin look fresh but no excessive sparkle that the powder left me with. You can use the Nars Multiples on your lips and eyes, the former I found too drying but quite liked the subtle tone on my eyelids. Not something for every day but in a pinch works a treat.

Finally we turn to nails. An important date, meeting or event and you need to paint your nails? Typically I would turn to a stash of press on nails in a pinch but as happened to me last week sometimes that stash can run out. Thankfully many brands have brought ranges such as Barry M's Quick Dry*. I have the shade Pit Stop which is a perfect grey nude which will work for any occasion. I put my door keys and train pass on the side, paint my nails and then walk out the door.  By the time I'm sitting on the train my nails touch dry and I can begin scrolling through my Twitter feed.

There you have some of my time saving tips, what are yours?

*This post contains press samples

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ben & Jerry's NEW Core Range

Even before I moved into my own home there was many Saturday nights when I would pop to the supermarket and return home with a DVD and tub of Ben & Jerry's. It's quite common now for us to sit with a tub and a spoon, I love it when I'm sharing with friends and we pass the tub back and forth between spoonfuls but I remember the old days when this style of ice cream eating was 'very American' and us Brits would take a scoop from a large tub and serve in a bowl or cone.

Ben & Jerry recently got in touch about the launch of the sequel to their Core range, the Cookie Core and asked if I'd like to sample some of the new flavours. The answer was a swift 'yes please'. You may have spotted these new flavours in your local stores, What-a-lotta Chocolate, Utter Peanut Butter Clutter and Speculoos? Specu-Love.

I dived straight into the freezer aisle and came home with What-a-lotta Chocolate* a must for chocolate lovers. Strange fact, despite not being the biggest chocolate lover I do love chocolate ice cream. What-a-lotta Chocolate has a core of crushed chocolate cookie surrounded by chocolate ice cream - amazing. Ben & Jerry's say 'they cannot accept responsibility for the level of chocolate euphoria reached with this flavour'.

My other choice was Speculoos? Specu-Love* which was definitely my favourite. Ginger, cinnamon, spicy, caramelized biscuits are crumbled into caramel ice cream and it's biscuit core. It reminded me of eating popcorn without those annoying bits that get stuck in the teeth. This was the tub I may, and only may have eating in one day.

If you're a big Ben & Jerry's fan and fancy getting a little envious, take a look at the US site which lists the flavours available there. When I went to Florida a few years ago we all had to pick one flavour we couldn't get at home and spent an evening trying them.

What ice cream are you treating yourself to this Bank Holiday Monday?

*This post contains press samples.

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